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Bring science to life for your child with fascinating features to inspire kids and parents alike and fun experiments making use of everyday objects. The content is linked to the National Curriculum so you can be sure that the magazines are helping your child at school too.

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Use the code 6TT8SB at the checkout to get the current edition of Whizz Pop Bang for free when you sign up for a subscription (from just £2.92/month including delivery)...


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✓ Hours of educational fun each month
✓ Ideas for exciting experiments to try at home
✓ Expert science writers
✓ Engaging layout and illustrations
✓ Gender neutral content
✓ Linked to the National Curriculum
✓ No paid advertising
✓ No screens
Just 36 printed pages of good wholesome science fun!

Recommended by teachers

"Wow! We received our first Whizz Pop Bang magazine at West Felton C of E Primary today... what a fantastic read! I can't wait to share it with the children. We'll be making marbled planets as part of our Earth and Space project and the Mary Anning piece will be perfect for our Evolution topic. Thank you so much for producing such a high quality, engaging resource, it's simply perfect."

Helen Hughes, Deputy Headteacher

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