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This is a SPRING-loaded, action-packed edition! We're dissecting ballpoint pens to discover which kind of spring is in your pens at home, as well as making your very own Y toy that springs into action! We also take a good look at what happens to seeds during spring, with two experiments to understand more about how plants grow. And your kids will love the experiments on plastic, learning just how clever polymers are. Plus we take an 'In Depth' look at gravitational waves and explain why they are making such a ripple in the scientific community. You can read all about Mary Somerville, who will be the next new face of Scottish £10 notes and for all the animal-lovers, TV vet Joe Inglis shares his not-so-woolly knowledge of lambs and we've also got an interview with vet Josie Campbell to find out what life's really like as a vet.

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