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We're sinking our teeth into some sugar-coated science this issue! Find out what happens to your body when you eat a sugary treat and then have a go at making some yummy low-sugar treats at home. Find out how candy floss machines work, play a space-themed board game and and discover 10 Awesomely Amazing sweet surprises that might put you off sweets for ever – scorpion lollies, anyone?! Take an in-depth look at why chocolate eggs are shrinking, meet a sweet scientist (what a fabulous job!) and cuddle up to some ridiculously cute and fluffy kittens! This issue we’ve treated our historical scientist pages to a fresh new look as we find out about the scientist, Ibn Al Haytham, who was very nearly boiled alive! You can try your hand at our Easter basket ball game, make a bunny bookmark and also a chicken and egg optical illusion spinner – SWEET :)